Patient Education

You Could be the Key to A Cure

Your samples can help provide dozens of labs with real cells to work with in their search for a cure. Biospecimens are incredibly vital to supplying a cell source on which researchers can learn about how cancer behaves and testing possible treatments. Our specimens all come from generous patients with a cancer diagnosis who wish to further research in cancer.

Unfortunately biospecimens are in short supply. A recent survey of 7,000 researchers funded by the National Cancer Institute found that "samples they needed was ‘somewhat difficult’, ‘difficult’, or ‘very difficult’ to obtain".

That's why, with your donation, we can keep searching for cures with increased efficiency and passion. Your sample could help find a cure to help you and thousands of patients just like you.

So donate today! And help us, help you.

How does the specimen procurement and distribution process work?


1. Patient Consenting

BTTSR works closely with UCSD Moores Cancer Center and study teams to ensure that patient consent or other appropriate authorizations are in place for biospecimen procurement and annotation with medical record information and other data.


2. Biospecimen Procurement

Procurement services include collection of prospectively-obtained biospecimens processed as detailed for each study protocol, as well as remnant portions of routinely processed clinical samples. BTTSR staff work with each researcher to tailor procurement to fit the needs of each study.

Medical Files on Shelves in Office Setting.

3. Annotation Data

Annotation data includes medical record data, diagnostic information, and additional detailed analyses such as digital pathology measurements. This information is de-identified unless the research team has specific Institutional Review Board approval to obtain identifying information.


4. Scientific Research

Well-annotated biospecimens are crucial in clinical trials and translational research about the causes, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases. Our services are available to researchers within our collaborating institutions as well as outside organizations.

Still confused? Don't worry, you're never alone in this process.


We'll walk you through the Consent Form

Consent forms can be long and tedious and filled with incoherent jargon. Here we'll walk you through the consent form and if you have any questions after the fact, feel free to contact Jim Salinas, our Head Clinic Coordinator.

Once you're comfortable with the information, feel free to contact us to donate and help find a cure today!

Helping Beyond Specimen Samples

Specimen samples are incredibly vital to cancer research. Without them we would not be able to understand how cancers work or have anything to test possible treatments on. However not that wants to help can provide samples. We understand. We've attached some links with ways that you can help in the fight. From volunteering your time, to fundraising, to sponsored walks, and even to small donations to our biorepository--you can make a difference.


More Questions?

We'll be happy to answer them! Visit our frequently asked questions to learn more and if your question isn't on there, feel free to give us a call!