Reserve Technology Services


Orders will be processed ONLY if submitted via email to the lab.

Please submit form to default email address

To submit samples to Tissue Technology Shared Resource (TTSR)-Histology Core for processing and sectioning, follow these steps:

  1. Complete the PDF submission form and click on the“submit”button. Please DOWNLOAD the form to your hard drive before filling out and open it with ADOBE ACROBAT. All boxes highlighted in red are mandatory fields. NO SAMPLES WILL BE PROCESSED IF THEY HAVE NOT BEEN SUBMITTED VIA EMAIL
  2. Print out a copy and bring the form and tissues to the MCC 5thfloor, room 5345 bay5 MM,5NN
  3. Complete a new request form online every time you bring a new sample to the lab, even if it is more samples for the same project. Our lab tracks/bills submissions by the date they are received not by project
  4. After you submit a request for services, if you have changes to make, email them to the histology lab Changes must be in writing to ensure that you get the service you request.

How to package samples for processing:

Please place tissues or cassettes in leak-proof containers and label containers with:

  • Your name
  • Name of chemical you are submitting your tissues in. This is important for the safety of our staff and for proper waste disposal.
  • Label all cassettes using a #2 pencil or a solvent resistant marker.
  • Do NOT use a Sharpie marker or other lab markers that are not completely solvent resistant. TTSR is not responsible for labels lost in processing due to use of a marker that is not solvent resistant

Request Services now!

Click here to access the fillable PDF that must be submitted to reserve tissue and technology services.